Cati Bestard

101-Studio, 2019. 45,7"x35", Inkjet Print
409-Untitled, 2019. 45,7"x35", Inkjet Print
501-Red, 2019. 30"x24", Inkjet Print.
This image was finalist for the Photo Prize FundaciĆ³ Vila Casas 2020.
502-Green, 2019. 30"x24", Inkjet Print
503-Blue, 2019. 30"x24", Inkjet Print
103-Studio, 2019. 20"x15", Inkjet Print
208-Gallery, 2019. 20"x15", Inkjet Print
310-Barcelona, 2019. 20"x15", Inkjet Print
102-Studio, 2019. 30"x24", Inkjet Print
Untitled Art Fair, Miami. Hesse Flatow, 2019

Form (2019) is a photographic exercise that relies on failure to become successful. It is also a reflection on the potential of transforming, and the limits of a photographic material. These images were shot on expired instant film. The images, originally 3"x4" were scanned and enlarged to highlight the unexpected content that emerged from them.