Cati Bestard

Ca s’abuela (2017) is a reflection about memory, family and the spaces we inhabit.
These series of photographs were the result of multiples trips between my home at the time, in New York, and the uninhabited house of my grandmother in my hometown in Mallorca. The process used in this project wants to reference how memory functions: every time we remember something, we create a new memory, adding contextual information from the present to the information already registered in the past. With every new trip the images gained new layers, through photographs, projections of these photographs, and new photographs made of these projections. The size of the negatives increased with every step of the project – from 35mm with the first images to the 4”x5” with the latest – but at the same time the excess of information and light erases part of the content. The black and white photographs were taken by my father in Mallorca in the 1960s, in the interior of the same house I have been photographing.

Ca s'abuela. Installation. Wallach Gallery, 2017, NY
Ca s'abuela #2. Installation. Leroy Neiman Gallery, 2017, NY